Play With Your Food

In anticipation of the release of my newest book (Play with your Food) I’ve just released an animated trailer to help promote it. These things are always more work than I anticipate but I find them fun to do. The whole thing was animated in Photoshop CC and edited in Premiere CC. Enjoy and help spread the word.


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Teaser Time Again

With my new book coming out in a few weeks it’s that time of the year again: Teaser Time. Teasers can be a lot of work and I’m not sure how much they boost sales or awareness but they’re fun to do. Feels like I’m back at CalARTS doing a student film. Here is a pencil test for the opening shot.


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Final Covers for Play with Your Food

My latest book is off being printing right now and will be available sometime in late August or early September.This book was a lot of fun to make, and like all my books was a long time coming.

Play-ExteriorJacket_R4 Play-ExteriorJacket_R5

Note: there are no dinosaurs in this book. I think dinosaurs are grossly over used in Children’s books and believe it’s about time other prehistoric animals got their day. All the animals in this book are from the Permian time period over 200 million years before the dinosaurs. The two main characters are the sailed back Dimetrodon and a winged lizard Coelurosauravus. The publisher kept trying to weave in the work dinosaur but I held my ground (I’m not a complete sell out).

The Dimetrodon may look like a dinosaur but actually its evolutionary line developed not towards dinosaurs but towards mammals. They were not classified as mammal or reptile but are in a group called Synapsids. This clever video by Brain Scoop explains why a Dimetrodon is not a dinosaur.

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New spread for upcoming book

My fourth book Play With Your Food is chugging along. All of the pages have been inked and I’m now slowly painting them.  This next book is set in the Permian time period, which is a super cool and often forgotten epoch. It was a time of large amphibians and mammal like reptiles like the Dimetrodon. I’ve put a lot of effort into finding different plant and animal species specific to the time period. The book is set for release next fall.


In other fun news my last book I’m the Scariest Thing in the Jungle is a finalist in the Bull Bransom Award by the National Museum of Wildlife Art. I’m honored to be considered and flattered to be in such good company.

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Image for my new book

There has been a serious lack of updates or posts. I’ve recently changed my day job as a story artist at DreamWorks Animation to Walt Disney Feature Animation and in the transition I haven’t had time to update things web wise. I’m busy working away on my next book which will come out later this fall. This image isn’t final but is a representation of what the book will look like.


Also in other news The Scariest Thing in the Jungle is a finalist for the Bull Bransom Award given at the Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson Wyoming.

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Samantha the Brave

Here’s a trailer for a book I’ve been working on called Samantha the Brave.  The book currently is a 32 page dummy. My agent has been shopping it around and it is yet to find a home. I hope someone picks it up, it’s a fun story and I really enjoy drawing monsters!

samantha the brave from David Derrick on Vimeo.


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KSL Interview

Here is the full interview that I did with KSL, NBC’s news affiliate in Salt Lake City which aired on Thanksgiving morning. It was definitely the highlight of my book related events in Utah.

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Thank You Utah

What a great whirl wind of book events I’ve had the past week and a half. My native state of Utah was a great host. Thanks everyone for making the book events a success! ( KSL Morning News, Clipper Newspaper, Gateway Discovery Museum, Barnes & Noble, Meadows, Oak Hills, Burton & Knowlton elementary schools ). My last and final visit was at the Gateway Discovery Museum in Salt Lake City.

photo-4 copy 2


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Thankful for Great Teachers


photo (8)

Most of us have had teachers who positively impacted our lives, giving us the courage to chase our dreams and develop our talents.  For me it was Mrs. Dejong, a strong opinionated art teacher who pushed and encouraged me in elementary school. For my book tour in Utah I made sure to stop by my old school, Knowlton Elementary, in Farmington Utah. Mrs. Dejong has long since retired so I had no expectation of seeing her. Walking down the halls was surreal. Seeing something as an adult that you remember as a child is a trip. I felt like a giant. In my childhood memory pictures that were obscenely huge now seemed modestly sized and hallways that seemed endless seemed normal in length.  Usually I do grade level readings but Knowlton requested I do a school wide assembly. I adapted and was able to give a fun presentation.

In the middle of my presentation I saw a short spunky gray haired woman sitting in the back. It was unmistakably Mrs. Dejong! The assembly gave me the perfect platform to publicly thank and praise the work of a great teacher. In our minds people from our past remain fixed in time. I think it took both of us a moment to reconcile the years that have elapsed since last we met. But she was still ever so spunky and spirited when talking about art and especially cultivating and teaching it to younger generations. I’m grateful I was  able to publicly thank such an important person who has had such a positive influence on my life. 



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KSL Interview


I got up bright and early this morning to do an interview on the KSL Morning show to promote my books. The interview was taped and will air later in the week. There will be a give away of my three books and a Scariest Thing in the Jungle T-shirt. As soon as I know the air date I’ll post it- should be later in the week.

photo-4 copy

A picture of me and KSL news anchor Lori Prichard


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